a healthy dose of Blaspheme…

 My Holy Trinity consists of: Katharine Hepburn. Jimmy Stewart. and Cary Grant.
Supplement these handsome devils with Pretension and Champagne and (Oh lord, forgive me, but its true) i’m the happiest girl on earth!
All can be found in one glorious gay romp: The Philadelphia Story
And you best believe that, “Philadelphia Story is the greatest film of all time!”
some of you will consider this hyperbole. some of you are dumb-dumbs. don’t be like that. go get yo’ self an education.
Ok, ok, I’ll compromise. It at least makes the top 10 list of “Man’s greatest creations” agreed? good.
Here are the facts: it has everything–killer cast, killer story, killer style, killer direction, AND killer whales ( in the pool scene).
it’s the bee’s knees. so if you haven’t seen it–shame on you. if you have–watch it again.
Pour yourself a cup of scotch and put on your fanciest evening dress JUST to watch this movie. Totally worth it. Totally not weird.
What is weird is that this is the same routine I’d follow if I were watching Sunset Boulevard. It happens….
So God Bless you, George Cuckor. Amen.

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