Scallop Ceviche Tacos and Bluegrass @ the Mish.

This is what sunday looked like:

So, Mama Guid and I went to a concert at Mishawaka. It was the best.  Mishawaka is this little Amphitheater right on the Poudre river, nestled in Risk Canyon, and on a beautiful day like this, nothing could top bluegrass in the afternoon. We saw Ryan Montbleu.He was Fantastic AND Adorable. Win Win.

But the Pre-Show was equally tremendous. It consisted of Scallop Ceviche Tacos and cocktails.      yesssss…

To those who have never had ceviche, this is a great introduction. This recipe it Citrusy, Bright and totally satisfying. Ceviche derives from ancient Moorish meaning “cooked in vinegar”. Only instead of vinegar, Ceviche is a cold seafood salad that uses citrus juice to cook the fish. The acid makes the flesh nice and firm. It truly is the most lovely Summer dish.

You can use any variety of seafood. Shrimp, cod, haddock, etc. as long as it is  a firm white fish, shell fish, or mollusk it should do really well. Tuna would be absolute brilliant in it as well. I used scallops because they were on sale. Huzzah!

This recipe blows my mind. It’s simple. It’s fresh. It’s light. It’s healthy. It’s impossible to mess up. MIND->BLOWING->AWESOMENESS.

Scallop Ceviche Tacos

¾ lbs. fresh bay scallops (I used 31/40)

½ purple onion, diced

1 Fresno pepper, diced

3 cloves garlic, minced

½ c. Cilantro, chopped

2 small tomato, diced

1 small mango, diced

4 limes



12 white corn tortillas

2 ripe avocados

chopped lettuce (garnish)

For the Ceviche: dice and mince all the veg first. Keep it on the cutting board so you can see, ratio wise, how it looks. The chopping is the labor-intensive bit. Now take all that stuff, (chile, 1 tomato, onion, garlic, mango, and cilantro) and throw it into a bowl. Good job.

Now, take those beautiful Bay scallops and quarter them. It depends on the size of scallop you buy. If they are the itty bitty ones, leave them as they are. If they are the HUGE gigantos, cut them in sixths. Basically make them small, uniform pieces. Once you do that, throw them in the bowl with everything else. Yes, I know they are still raw. We’ll fix that. Trust me. Good Job.

Now, remember those limes? Cut them in half and squeeze all 8 halfs into that darn bowl. WARNING: if you have any sores, open blisters, or hang nails this process will hurt. Citrus= your enemy when you have exposed paper cuts. But it is worth the pain. TRUST!

Add a little salt, ¼ tsp or so. And sprinkle some pepper into that bad boy as well. Give it a stir. Cover and pop in the fridge for 2 hrs or overnight. Ceviche gets better the longer it sits.  One rule: keep it covered, keep it cool. I guess that’s actually two rules. Whatever.

Now, fire up your grill. You’s gonna char them there corn tortillas. This makes them nutty, crunchy, and warm. Bless it. If you are one of those people who are weirded out by burnt spots on your food, you can steam them in your Devil box (microwave) or a toaster oven. Or a real oven.

Take those avocados. Destroy them in a bowl. Add 1 tsp. pepper. 1 tsp. salt. And ½ tsp. garlic powder. And some more cilantro. Combine well and squeeze in some residual lime juice. Yes. This is Guacamole. Good job.

When the time comes for assembly, take a tortilla and spread it with a little guacamole or what I like to call “Ceviche Glue”. Take a helping scoop of the Ceviche or what I like to call “Scallops and Friends” and spread over glue. Sprinkle with tomato, lettuce, and maybe a little Cojita (farmers) cheese if you like.

Fold in half. Your taco will not only make the most satisfying cracking sound, it will nearly whimper with deliciousness.  This is a good sign. Devour and never look back.

Wash down with Lemon Creams (recipe to follow) and or Sweet tea Arnolds (also to follow). For dessert, let the Pie-Man interest you in a little Watermelon Chiffon. Oh. Sweet. Lord.

Mix this meal with a little sunshine, a little bluegrass, and a little girl time. Deadly combo for the best day off ever. Fo Real real.

Till next time have some Happy Days,


Equinox by Edwin Morgan

i just found this today, the poem “Equinox” by Edwin Morgan.

Edwin Morgan was a scot. Born April, 1920 and died in August of last year. He was the first Glasgow Poet Laureate and was named a Scottish National Poet 2004. A true treasure, i hope you enjoy.


The petals of the sun are edged

with purple death and dying rust;

Let us go walking through this spring

before the planet falls to dust.

Dear children, bring me other blooms

too lovely for analysis:

I have felt the sparrow’s fall

the dark disintegrating kiss.

I built my systems out of rain,

Feeling nowise limited;

Slept on the bosom of the moon.

Alas! My audience is dead!

The gardens have a dying smell,

The sea has lost its muscled sweep

And no god walks the hills to tell

Whether to wake or sleep

Fresh Pick: first Peach of the Season!


The Peach was first discovered by a really hungry nomad. This nomad was so excited after eating it that he went back and told all his friends about this awesome pit-fruit. After the Nomad and his friends harvested as many as they could, they went back to their commune and binged. But one of his friends dropped his Peach in the fire! “Oh no”, they cried! But he ate it anyway and realized that the hot, caramelized sweet stuff was worthy of Epic Poetry.

Years later, in Modern-ish Times, someone discovered that those same Peaches when brushed with bourbon, dipped in sugar, grilled, and topped with homemade whipped cream become something akin to a spiritual awakening. This person had to have been a woman. BUT THEN whoever grilled them, topped them with goat cheese, and drizzled them with honey was probably a god.

And so goes the Mythology of the peach…

It is needless to say that this delicious and completely fictionalized account of how Grilled Peaches “came to be” is irrelevant. What is relevant is that we have them now. And for that, there should be much rejoicing. (take this moment to rejoice!)

So I got my first peaches of the season. Here in Colorado we have some wicked Peach Action on the Western Slope. Something to do with hot days, cold nights, and clay-ey soil-yadda-yadda-something-something…the point is–we have REALLY good peaches. they just aren’t ready yet. But when they are ready to be wolfed down at lightning speed, know that  i give em the star treatment they deserve.

I grill my peaches and top them with tasty things.

So these were practice peaches. Understudy peaches, if you will. These Peaches are just as talented as the headlining Peaches, just don’t have the resume to have earned center stage. This metaphor has been stretched thinner than Joan River’s face-skin.  I”ll just get to the part where i tell you what to do.

Grilled Peaches: Serves 4 Humans or 1 hungry Bear

4 Peaches, washed and halved with pits removed

1 T. Bourbon

½ c. Sugar

½ pint Heavy Whipping Cream

dash of Vanilla Extract

Preheat Grill to be REALLY hot.  You don’t have to “cook” the peaches. You just want to sear them to get nice black char marks on them. This is how the “caramel” magic happens. Trust.

Take a basting brush (or your fingers) and lightly brush the “face” of each Peach half with the Bourbon. Take sugar (all except a Tablespoon or so) and sprinkle on a plate. Dip each Peach half in the sugar and transfer to a baking sheet, sugared side up.

In a mason jar combine cream, vanilla, and remaining sugar. Shake vigorously until thick. Or you can put cream in a bowl and beat with a mixer until light peaks form in the cream. It is totally personal Preference. Put in fridge to get cold.

Take the peaches to the grill. Put them on. (Note* there will be a considerable amount of flare up.  But if you feel that it is too much, go ahead and turn down the heat). After one minute, rotate the peach 45 degrees. This will get the nifty “cross-hatched” grill marks.  After the sugar is caramelized, turn them over to warm them through. Go ahead and turn off the heat and close the lid. Your peaches are almost ready.

When they are a little squishy you know they are done. Take them inside, transfer to individual plates and top with the Whipped cream. Serve warm. Room temp. Cold. In your hands. What have you.

They are best fresh off the grill. Do this. Thank me later.

Love and Best.

Megs      xxxoo

Absence Makes the Heart Want Pie

Today, I wanted to have breakfast with my siblings. But the stupid-heads don’t live by me. They are all far away, which is dumb.

Luckily, I have substitutes for them—Pie, Coffee, and Modern Family.

Some days I eat pie for breakfast. Some days, that pie was made by my pie-genius little brother.

Some days I drink coffee. Just Kidding. Every day I drink coffee. Probably too much coffee. But some days, I use the beautiful handmade cup from Puebla Mexico that my culture-genius sister brought back for me.

Some days, I eat pie, drink coffee, and watch Modern Family. Have you heard of this show? It’s Genius. Which reminds me of my other genius Brother. We watch this and laugh. A lot.  It’s fun.

All my siblings are fun. I love them. I miss them. I’m so happy they know how to make pie.

My little brother is the Pie Man. He made a Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie. (Holy Mother breakfast, Batman!)  He makes homemade whipped cream. He does

funny voices. He likes to wear ties. He built the coolest bicycle of all time. He built a Potato canon, too. He likes to recycle. And he’s tall. He’s totally adorable.

My Sister is the Coffee Master. I’m talking Guru status. When she lived in Eugene we went to the Wandering Goat, a Fair Trade/Organic/Fresh Roasted Coffee house that rocked my socks off. She taught me to have standards. She taught me to have taste. Because of her I am a pretentious coffee nut. She does tweed rides. She has stylish PhD glasses. She plays guitar.  She’s totally rad.

My Older Brother told me about Modern Family. Which is exactly like our family, only funnier. We would watch this show and argue about who is who. He is Phil. I am Cameron. Confused yet? Cool.  He just graduated Grad School. His cap and gown looked like a wizard’s. It was awesome. We talk about Food and Wine. He sends me funny text messages. He loves board games. He started a Foundation. He ran a Marathon. And even though he doesn’t listen when I try to educate him about music, he’s still totally awesome.

Gee Whiz, am I the luckiest! Who else gets to have this pack of weirdo’s make up their Entourage? Nobody. This is why I need sibling surrogates. Not as good as the real thing, but will have to do.  If nothing else, it’s another excuse to eat pie for breakfast.

Happy Days! Megs

Lady Date: Psych Marathon Sleepover Edition!

>>>Meet my friends: Kaily and Lindsey. They are lovely girls. They are funny, they are witty, and they are deadly quick  after a few libations. (*note: Chocolate martini’s in hand)

These are my “Lady Date”- ers.                                  Say “Hello”.

Kaily and Lindsey watch Psych. Kaily and Lindsey love love love love Psych. Kaily and Lindsey have been trying to get me to watch Psych for forever. Kaily and Lindsey decided that THIS Lady Date was to be a right proper PSYCH MARATHON SLEEPOVER.

Lady Dates are classy as all hell. They’ve been a tradition of ours and require four components: Ladies (duh.) Delicious Cocktails (Brandy is NOT a cocktail) Delicious Munchies (Hamburger Helper is NOT a munchy) and Delicious Men (like Jon Hamm).

Easy right?

Ok, so for this  “Lady Date: Sleepover Edition”  we had the Ladies. We had some Boozey Floozies a.k.a. Big Girl Creamy Cookie Milkshakes. We had Homemade Margherita Pizza with the BEST sauce eva. and We had plenty of the the always Darling James Roday. oh yeah. Yumminess all around. We also had a pineapple.

For those of you who’ve seen Psych. you laughed Really hard at that last one. That was Kaily’s touch.

It was fun. we were full. we were sleepy. we were laughing. we wore sweatpants. we totally loved it.

THANK YOU GIRLS. Twas another Lady Date Success!