Lady Date: Psych Marathon Sleepover Edition!

>>>Meet my friends: Kaily and Lindsey. They are lovely girls. They are funny, they are witty, and they are deadly quick  after a few libations. (*note: Chocolate martini’s in hand)

These are my “Lady Date”- ers.                                  Say “Hello”.

Kaily and Lindsey watch Psych. Kaily and Lindsey love love love love Psych. Kaily and Lindsey have been trying to get me to watch Psych for forever. Kaily and Lindsey decided that THIS Lady Date was to be a right proper PSYCH MARATHON SLEEPOVER.

Lady Dates are classy as all hell. They’ve been a tradition of ours and require four components: Ladies (duh.) Delicious Cocktails (Brandy is NOT a cocktail) Delicious Munchies (Hamburger Helper is NOT a munchy) and Delicious Men (like Jon Hamm).

Easy right?

Ok, so for this  “Lady Date: Sleepover Edition”  we had the Ladies. We had some Boozey Floozies a.k.a. Big Girl Creamy Cookie Milkshakes. We had Homemade Margherita Pizza with the BEST sauce eva. and We had plenty of the the always Darling James Roday. oh yeah. Yumminess all around. We also had a pineapple.

For those of you who’ve seen Psych. you laughed Really hard at that last one. That was Kaily’s touch.

It was fun. we were full. we were sleepy. we were laughing. we wore sweatpants. we totally loved it.

THANK YOU GIRLS. Twas another Lady Date Success!

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