Absence Makes the Heart Want Pie

Today, I wanted to have breakfast with my siblings. But the stupid-heads don’t live by me. They are all far away, which is dumb.

Luckily, I have substitutes for them—Pie, Coffee, and Modern Family.

Some days I eat pie for breakfast. Some days, that pie was made by my pie-genius little brother.

Some days I drink coffee. Just Kidding. Every day I drink coffee. Probably too much coffee. But some days, I use the beautiful handmade cup from Puebla Mexico that my culture-genius sister brought back for me.

Some days, I eat pie, drink coffee, and watch Modern Family. Have you heard of this show? It’s Genius. Which reminds me of my other genius Brother. We watch this and laugh. A lot.  It’s fun.

All my siblings are fun. I love them. I miss them. I’m so happy they know how to make pie.

My little brother is the Pie Man. He made a Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie. (Holy Mother breakfast, Batman!)  He makes homemade whipped cream. He does

funny voices. He likes to wear ties. He built the coolest bicycle of all time. He built a Potato canon, too. He likes to recycle. And he’s tall. He’s totally adorable.

My Sister is the Coffee Master. I’m talking Guru status. When she lived in Eugene we went to the Wandering Goat, a Fair Trade/Organic/Fresh Roasted Coffee house that rocked my socks off. She taught me to have standards. She taught me to have taste. Because of her I am a pretentious coffee nut. She does tweed rides. She has stylish PhD glasses. She plays guitar.  She’s totally rad.

My Older Brother told me about Modern Family. Which is exactly like our family, only funnier. We would watch this show and argue about who is who. He is Phil. I am Cameron. Confused yet? Cool.  He just graduated Grad School. His cap and gown looked like a wizard’s. It was awesome. We talk about Food and Wine. He sends me funny text messages. He loves board games. He started a Foundation. He ran a Marathon. And even though he doesn’t listen when I try to educate him about music, he’s still totally awesome.

Gee Whiz, am I the luckiest! Who else gets to have this pack of weirdo’s make up their Entourage? Nobody. This is why I need sibling surrogates. Not as good as the real thing, but will have to do.  If nothing else, it’s another excuse to eat pie for breakfast.

Happy Days! Megs


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