Equinox by Edwin Morgan

i just found this today, the poem “Equinox” by Edwin Morgan.

Edwin Morgan was a scot. Born April, 1920 and died in August of last year. He was the first Glasgow Poet Laureate and was named a Scottish National Poet 2004. A true treasure, i hope you enjoy.


The petals of the sun are edged

with purple death and dying rust;

Let us go walking through this spring

before the planet falls to dust.

Dear children, bring me other blooms

too lovely for analysis:

I have felt the sparrow’s fall

the dark disintegrating kiss.

I built my systems out of rain,

Feeling nowise limited;

Slept on the bosom of the moon.

Alas! My audience is dead!

The gardens have a dying smell,

The sea has lost its muscled sweep

And no god walks the hills to tell

Whether to wake or sleep

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