Hey, Lemon-face.


When life gives you lemons, thank him. Because Life is just being a gentleman who knows how much you love lemonade. good form, Life. good form.

It is finally summer. Which means it is really really hot outside my house, in my house, and in my clothes. I need to cool off…

Something about this heat  reminds me of the shenanigans of my childhood years. Now long since past.

The Guidarelli Children were Lemonade Stand Venture Capitalists. We were incredible, boy i tell ya, just like Paul Newman in “The Hustler”.

Our feet were always dirty and we never wore shoes, which drove our mom crazy. We smelled like chlorine and went crawdad fishing with the “good tupperware” and stole choke cherries from a neighbor’s garden which also drove our mom crazy. But she loved us despite our summertime wildness. And to prove it, she made lemonade.

All this nostalgia makes me thirsty.  i’m thirsty. you are too, i can tell. Try some.

This had lavender simple syrup in it to sweeten. Get down.

Summer Lemonade:


6 Large Lemons


2 T. dried lavender flowers


1 c. Sugar


2 c. Water


handful of mint leaves



In a saucepan bring water and sugar to a boil. Turn off heat. Add dried lavender and stir. Take pot off of range and let cool to room temp. Strain simple syrup into jar. Discard flowers. (you can leave them in if you want a more intense floral flavor. But I would suggest just adding fresh ones to garnish a glass)


Halve lemons; squeeze the bejeezus out of them then strain out seeds.  Add ice and water. Pour in simple syrup a little at a time. You can adjust to your own taste. Stir. Add ice/water/syrup as needed. Refrigerate. Serve over ice. Garnish with mint (or lavender).



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