the Miracle of Chili and the Thunderstorm

We’ve all had our share financial woes, i’m sure. Counting down to paydays, staring at empty money jars, finding there are no more quarters on our dresser, in our pockets, in our car ashtrays to sort-of buy things with. Oh yeah, we’ve all been there.

The trouble is that one still gets hungry even when one cannot afford food.

But with a bit of creativity, one can procure a delicious meal that costs very little. very. little.  which is awesome.

I made chili.

You could call this, “Just-Paid-My-Rent-and-I’m-Sad” Chili.

You could call this, ” In-Desperate-Need-for-a-PayDay” Chili

You could call this, “All-I-Had-in-My-Cupboard-And-Fridge-Which-is-ok-cause-it-turned -out-awesomely-delicious” Chili. Whichever feels right. Just know that i killed it. I’m really proud. no joking. Here’s what happened-

I found a can of beans, a leftover thawed turkey burger. a red bell pepper, half an onion, a no salt added vegetable bullion cube, water, cayenne and chili powder, garlic, and some ketchup.

DO NOT get grossed out by the ketchup, you only use a little. It is exactly like tomato paste, only sweetened slightly. which offsets the spicy rather well. Look at you learning new cooking things…

I even found some cornbread mix in my cupboard. heck yes! I like to call cornbread muffins “Chili sponges” because that is their practical usage. If this weirds you out, i’m sorry. just slap some butter on it or get crazy and drizzle with maple syrup. What?! you’ve never had cornbread and maple syrup? Do this. It’s like eating the Oregon Trail. So Old Timey Yum-Town.

So i browned the turkey (about 1/3 lbs) in a pan with Olive Oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder, chili powder, cayenne.

add the diced pepper, and onion. sauté until onions get a little color on them, or are “transparent”.

plop in that veggie bouillon cube, add a little water to break it down. excellent.

next add the can of beans, drained and rinsed, if you please.

add about 1/4 cup of ketchup. stir together.

if you have any frozen corn, or canned tomatoes, feel free to embellish and add whatever you like! The loveliness of chili is that it is incredible malleable. You can change and add and evolve as the cooking process continues. Truly, you cannot mess it up. Trust.

Add water and boil. continue adding water if it evaporates too much. You want your chili to have a good consistency. like a really thick soup.

Now it’s time to serve. If you are one of those fancy people with cheddar cheese, sour cream, and green onion, bless you. If you are one of those prepared people with Tortilla Chips, Bless you too. For all us with Chili Sponges, we’re the true winners. .

Start this recipe at 1 in the afternoon and it’ll be done by the Thunderstorm at 3.

Chili on a Thundery Afternoon (w/homemade cornbread muffins)

*totally Rad*

2 thoughts on “the Miracle of Chili and the Thunderstorm

  1. i told you i would leave my delicious vegetarian chili recipe! so here it is!

    chop up and saute a green pepper and an onion in olive oil. spice as you’d like.
    put a large can of crushed tomatoes into a big pot. fill the empty tomato can with 1/3 water and add that in too.
    add a can of kidney beans, a can of black beans, and a can of pinto beans.
    add the green pepper and onion.
    add half a bag of frozen corn (or fresh is even better!)
    spice it up! red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, and lots of chili powder! heat and enjoy!
    serve over rice. and add cheese on top. yum!

    love your blog girl.

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