Roman Love





I do not claim to be expert at much. But I am Hella Awesome at eating like a European. This is truth. I’d say when it comes to bread, cheese, and cured meats-I am an expert.

I love a bit of noshery in the afternoon- a couple Garlic Toasts, some good olive Oil, fresh fruit, salty ham. oh, child.

But the piece de resistance is the Burrata cheese. For those unfamiliar, allow me to formally introduce you: “Burrata” is Italian for “buttered”. It is a beautiful combination of mozzarella and cream. The outer “shell” is broken and the rich, decadent, silky, creamy inside spills out.

It is a HIGHLY seasonal cheese and uses only spring milk from happy Italian cows who’ve been eating only tender meadow grass. Some years, it doesn’t even make it out of Italy because the demand is so high and the supply so little.

This cheese is the shiz-nit. It is the real deal. It is totally worth it. Just like being caught staring awkwardly at that really attractive foreign exchange student in your capstone class who has great hair, a glorious accent, rich brown eyes, and a Mediterranean Tan… or, whatever.

we’ve gotten off track.

Here’s Life Lesson #1: When you buy good food, quality food, you don’t need to embellish; You Just need to eat.


Drizzle this cheese with olive oil and fresh cracked pepper.

Toast the slices of Ciabatta and rub a clove of Garlic over the bread while still hot

Halve Figs. (feel free to drizzle with balsamic vinegar, if you like)

Put prosciutto on a plate.

Wrap. Nibble. Smear. Stack.

Any combination. all combinations. this will feed your little soul.




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