Midwestern Elitism tastes like Tomato Pie

I experienced a veritbal Midwest Fest in my mouth. Let me explain…

I work at Whole Foods. that is me. on the left.

(in a mustache)

Anyway, one day last summer, a lady-customer came through my line with 9 lbs of Heirloom Tomatoes. They were jewel colored giants. So lovely.  When i asked her what she’d be making with them she said, “Uh, Tomato Pie”. (as if it was obvious) She was strange.

“And what, may i ask, is Tomato Pie?”

“Oh honey, its  a Midwest thing”.

She continued to make the distinction clear as to why her people were better than mine. Things THEY had that WE didn’t. I stopped listening after a while. Actually, riiiight after i got this recipe. Terrific customer service? Probably not. But i smiled the whole time so i don’t think she noticed.

anyway, make this pie. and eat it. and DON’T invite your hungry little brother over unless you want to share. I serve it to myself cold. For breakfast. With an egg. over-easy.             Hot damn…

Midwestern-Elitism Tomato Pie:

One Pie crust (frozen or handmade)/ 2TBs. Dijon mustard/ 2 Large heirloom tomatoes or 3 medium ones/and a ton of cheese. 3 cups. assorted kinds (i use mozzarella, irish swiss, and gruyere but it is really fun to mix and match and experiment)

Spread the Dijon on he bottom of the crust. Put 1/3 of the cheese on the bottom. Layer tomatoes. put more cheese. Go ahead, do another layer. What the hell. Tomato and cheese it up, baby. It bakes down. Trust me.

Sprinkle with Paprika, and pepper, and Parsley.

Bake @ 400 degrees for 10 minutes and then 350 for the remainder. (approx. 10-15 more minutes) The  intense heat evaporates the water from the tomatoes so the crust doesn’t get soggy. Those Midwesterners, they think of everything. Not like us Dumb-Dumbs out West.

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