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Life is Like a Baseball Allegory (with food at the end)

Life is like a Baseball Allegory (with food at the end)

(i know this is a picture of a road. whatever. it goes with the metaphor) 

Life has been throwing curves, lately.  Big ones. And Life’s pitching game is like Randy Johnson on Goliath Ovaltine. Hard to hit and deadly accurate.

But in Curve balls there are lessons. And I’ve been trying to listen to those, too.

Each lesson is given as it flies by: Some are caddy, some are wise, some are completely obvious, and some are things my mom has told me since I was a kid. As they pass I think to myself, “ok…yeah, that was a good one”. And try to move on.

“Real World” to a recent college Graduate can sometimes mean: You will live in your mother’s basement, work at an hourly wage job, and fill out grad school applications. You’re welcome.

But this is ok.

This year my mantra will be “Embrace, embrace, embrace…”

Embrace the curve balls.

Embrace the lessons.

Embrace the unexpected.

Embrace it all, because the alternative is fighting against. And there’s no sense in fighting against. Because Life puts us in interesting situations. Throws us unexpected things. Takes us on wild journeys. And most of it is unforeseen.  The benefit, or biggest challenge, is doing the greatest work wherever you are. Being and doing your best. And that is a pretty great idea. Because often, when you do this, it pays off.  For instance—

During the 1988 World Series. The Oakland A’s vs. Los Angeles Dodgers. Game 1: the wounded Kirk Gibson hit an incredible pinch-hit homerun to secure the W for the big blue. He couldn’t run. He could barely walk. But he still limped around the bases, pumping his fist in the air, clapping to the crowd, and his team. It was tremendous and all because it was a victory despite evident flaws and imperfections.

I think that, should I muscle through, Life will end up buying me a chilidog. At least, I hope so. Because I really want a chilidog. Which is why I am flying out to visit my Grandma and taking her to Marty’s in Westwood. Best. Hotdog. Ever. You can quote me on that.

Successful Baseball Allegory? I dunno.

Food at the end? Of course.

Indulging a little on impulses and not feeling a pressure to be busy all the time? Sure.

Embracing has been great. I’ve seen friends, spent time with family, revisited old haunts, seen teachers, and frequented little organic farm stands and completely mediocre coffee houses.

But “Embrace” goes beyond just “not sweating the small stuff”.

It is a strange nostalgia to return to the town you knew as a child, now as an adult. It is that wound, freshly healed, ripped clean again. And you begin remembering and ache for what has been and perhaps what is yet to be.

This has been a rambling session. Geez, Who am I? Judd Farner? 🙂

My week was a good one.

I made Peanut Butter Fudge Milkshakes. With homemade chocolate sauce. Total glory!

My best Friend, Kik and I made homemade cheese. It turned out…like cheese. Kinda. We were aiming for mozzarella. Missed the Boat a little on that one…

My brother made Moscow Mules and we drank them. ALL. (a Moscow mule is a delicious ice cold cocktail of vodka, ginger beer, and lime).  Recipe to follow.

And we had a Scrabble Showdown. Which I did not win. Damn you, Kasey Geibel.

Be back with pictures and other cool stuff for you.