High in Flavor, Higher in Danger!

Things end, new things begin and in between, there are parties.

These are the things I have learned in my life from the Lion King and College, respectively.

I had my first ever “Going Away Party”.  It was awesome sad. Awesome because all my friends were in one place at one time, which was miraculous. But Sad because it prolly won’t ever happen again. Unless I have a big “Oops, I Messed Up So I’m Coming Back Now” party. Hmmm…

We went to the Mayor of Old Town.  100 classy beers on tap. Class-y, I tell you!

High in Flavor, Higher in Danger.

Here’s my Sip list:


1)        Avery Brewing, Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest

– If you want malts, marry this beer.

2)         Dogfish head, 90 minute IPA

-Elderflower, hop sessions. Beautiful

3)         Kwak

– Cool Beer. Cooler Beer Holder. This beer looks like science

4)           Bosteels Tripel Karmeliet

– Best tripel ever. Carmel awesome Beer. Bless it.

5)            Duchesse De Bourgogne

– Classy lady. Little Sour. You know she’s smart.

Drink Well, Be Well, and practice not crying when people hug you goodbye. It’s ok.







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