Fig Brie Focaccia

I did big kids things today.


Things with scary names like “Made a Budget Portfolio” and “Started a New Job” and “Opened a Safety Deposit Box” and “Called the Plumber”. These are definite milestones in a girl’s life.


And I’m totally proud to say, “yeah…I did that”. No biggie, but total biggie.


To celebrate, I had a big kid breakfast. Fig Brie Focaccia Bread.


To Make One Needs:


1 Focaccia roll, or small loaf


2 T. Fig jam


5-6 thin slices of Brie


Preheat your oven to Broil. On the middle rack, toast the roll (unadorned) to heat through. Remove, and spread fig jam over the top, and layer Brie slices to cover. Put back in oven on Top rack and watch. It’ll only take a minute; you don’t want the Brie to burn or worse, run all over the baking sheet. Because then you’re licking a baking sheet, and that ain’t classy.




You can also use a savory fig spread. Typically with tapenades, there are caramelized onions added. Which is SO delicious. These are good choices we make.













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