Chicken Tacos and Sitting in the Dark



Halloween. I wore a costume. I bought a pumpkin. I mulled some cider. I did this thing.

One exception- I didn’t buy candy. i know, i know… I forgot.

False, it was on purpose. Hear me out!  On Halloween night I wasn’t going to be home during the Height of the Trick or Treating Hour. And one cannot spend 30 dollars on candy rations only to then poorly utilize them. That is unacceptable.

This meant I had two choices:

1.) Put the unassuming, unattended candy bowl on the Stoop. Write a note that says “2 pieces please”. But c’mon. Who are we kidding. You were a kid once. You see candy with a sign and it’s like a babe in the woods. You go bonkers. it’s free game. No consequence. That candy is helpless without a Chaperone.

or 2). Turn out the lights, close the shades, lock the door, and every time someone rings the bell–hold my breath and fall to the ground. Act like a fugitive in my own home. This had potential reprecussions. I panicked that my house would suffer the wrath of one thousand vengeful youths, hungry for candy, angry they didn’t get it, and now…thirsting for blood. I imagined everything from Egging to poop fires to TP-ing…the list is endless. and all terrifying.

i chose the later. Bold choice? perhaps.

The morning of all Hallow’s Eve, i seared some chicken thighs, threw them in the slow cooker with 2 bottles of beer, a can of roasted chiles and a packet of Southwest Blackening Seasoning. That’s it. I walked away. Spent my day as Amelia Bedelia only to come home to some Dos Cervezas Pollo Tacos with Homemade Guacamole, Fresh Pico, Cojita Cheese, Blue Corn Tortillas, Cilantro, and Spicy Black Beans.

I also walked around with my baseball bat all evening.

I ate in the dark, drank some New Belgium Snow Days, and watched Whip It.

My Halloween rocked. The best part was that i found no trace of egg or TP the following morning. Success.

Dos Cervezas Tacos

1 lbs. chicken thighs

2 bottles of beer

1 lime

1 little can of green chiles

1 packet of favorite spice mix. (go for one with lots of smoky chilies, not a lot of salt)

1 clove garlic

red pepper chili flakes




In a pan, heat some olive oil. Season chicken thighs with salt pepper, and chili powder.

Sear until nice and brown. (not cooked through).

In a crock pot, pour beer, chilies, garlic, 2 wedges of lime, chili flakes, and set on low. Add chicken. Make sure the meat is covered with liquid. Walk away.

Come back in 8 hours. ish. Chicken with be shred-able. this is good. Open a can of black beans, make some guacamole, and build some beautiful little tacos. Eating in the Dark is ok too.


One thought on “Chicken Tacos and Sitting in the Dark

  1. Ok. So aside from being the coolest sista in the universe — known and unknown — I want you to know how much I look forward to you cooking for me. Yes, I have 100% thrown you into the kitchen after I give you a hug in December. In a totally feminist way 🙂 XO

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