Harvest Moon


Happy Friday. You look like you could use a cocktail. This is my new favorite.
Let me introduce to you the Harvest Moon. A decadent blend of pumpkin ale, spiced rum, with a cinnamon sugar rim. So good, even my Mom drinks them. Have you ever had a cocktail with your Mom? If not, you should. Mom’s are awesome. And hilarious. And tell great stories. Just what you want in a cocktail buddy.

This recipe was adapted by me. And I stole it from Boston. I was there a couple weeks ago and went to a place called The Tavern in Cambridge. The waitress brought this drink out and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. Seriously. You should see my fridge.  I don’t know who gets invention credit, all I know is that we all should get drinking credit.

Happy weekending.

Harvest Moon (makes one drink)

12 oz. Good pumpkin ale ( I used Saranac)
Half oz. Spiced rum plus more on a little dish.
Cinnamon sugar on a dish.

Dip rim of glass in rum. Then in the sugar mixture. Make sure the rim is even.
Then pour pumpkin ale carefully. Leave a little head space for foam.

Add rum and give a light stir.

Shine on shine on Harvest Moon.

You can add more rum based off of personal preference. You can also stir in some extra cinnamon sugar into the drink itself. De-lush.

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