What do you get when you mix Oktoberfest foods with Decemberfest beer?

Novemberfest. Obviously. this is a real thing now.

i love november. It’s my birthday month, it’s Thanksgiving month, it’s Chrysanthemum Month. I love it becasue it isn’t flashy, or terribly pretty, or super festive, or patriotic.November is the “Middle-Child” of the whole year. It is a “Middle of the Road-er”,  the “Every Man’s” month. Average. AND Awesome. how cane you NOT get into it?

This year, i took it upon myself to invent a new holiday for my pal, Nov.

Consider it a rebranding of sorts. (Don Draper-ing this joint UP!)

And thus, celebrated the First Annual Novemberfest! (say this in your best Oprah voice. So. Epic.)

Complete with pseudo-Bavarian garb, grilled sausages, and beer, and that Melancholic Sunshine of November afternoons, this Novemberfest was a TRIUMPH!!!!

Here was the kicker. Grilled Pork and Apple sausages with a homemade Fig Relish. No Buns, just folded inside some lightly toasted sourdough, porter mustard and pickles. I swear… magic has a taste.

Here’s how-

Fig Relish:

1/2 c. fig jam (remember that fig and rosemary jam we made? yeah. use it!)

1 T. good mustard (grainy, dijon, porter, etc. you pick your fav)

Splash of white wine (or beer)


In a small saucepan, combine mustard and fig jam. on Medium-Low heat. Melt down and reduce. Add wine and pepper. stir to combine.

If the relish is too thick, feel free to add some water or beef broth. A majority of the liquid will burn off, so don’t worry. Just be sure your don’t let the relish burn because the jam has a high sugar content.

taste. if too sweet, add vinegar. too sour? add more jam. It is an easy balancing act.

Take of heat and serve over grilled sausages.

stuff into your face.


p.s. i know its been a while. but i have some good stuff coming up this month. Stay Tuned!




2 thoughts on “NOVEMBERFEST!

  1. Dearest,
    Your pictures look AMAZING in this post. What app did you use? And is this the smarty pants phone or a digital camera? Either way, I love them and I want to copy you. XO, KG

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