Cold Melon Soup

Melon Season! Melon Season! Cold Soup and Melon Season!

Let’s get to it:

2 melons (ripe and a lil squishy)

Splash of White Wine

4-6 Mint Leaves

juice of a lime

1 c. Greek Yogurt

First off, choose your melons wisely. I used one Cantaloupe and one Rocky Ford from the western slope. Rocky Fords are sweet with a velvety texture, which makes this soup souper silky. get it? soup-er silky?… Nevermind

(Ask your grocer to sample some local varieties whichever ones you like,buy! Honeydew, Canary, Crenshaw, etc. All are good choices)

Half Melons and scoop out seeds. Cut into wedges and then cut the flesh away from the rind, making sure NOT to leave any bits of tough green on the fruit. Cut into chunks and trhow into a food processor (or blender). Add the splash of white white and lime juice then Pulse. Add yogurt and blend until smooth.

For the Mint: I bruise the leaves so the oils begin to leech and put them in a tea ball and drop in the bowl while it chills. But you can float them in the soup if that’s easiest. Just be sure to fish them out before serving. The mint is just supposed to give a hint of freshness to this soup. Chill and serve.

Sprinkle with black pepper if you wanna get down.


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