Blackberry Simple Syrup


Do you know how cold -5 degrees is? Its friggin’ freezing. I’m talkin “Flippin-cry-your-eyes-out-but-don’t-really-because-they’ll-probably-freeze” Cold.

Did you know that? cause it is. It is the coldest. oh boy…its only gonna get colder.

My nose hairs LITERALLY froze inside my nose today. that is just unacceptable. i need a cocktail that tastes like spring. Maybe i’ll add just a lil’ darkness. (I mean, i don’t want to be totally disrespectful…)

This Blackberry Syrup is a keeper.

1. c. Sugar

1. c. water

1/2 pint blackberries

Bring all the ingredients to a boil and cook until berries soften to  a “mushable” texture. Turn off heat and let the syrup cool in the pot.  take a fork and mash berries into small little bits. or you can pulse the mixture a few times in a blender. which i did. worked like a gem.

it is soooo pretty, and deep, and rich, and sweet, and a little tart.

Virgin spritzers, cocktails, pancakes, this stuff means business.

I invented a drink: “the Mrs. Dalloway”

4 ice cubes

wedge lemon

wedge lime

dash of raspberry liquor (Chambord)

1/2 oz. Vodka

sparkling water

sugar (for rim)

1/2 oz Blackberry Syrup

With a clean glass, dip the rim in a little saucer of vodka, then a saucer of sugar. Add ice. squeeze lemon and lime over ice, muddle the wedges to the bottom. pour in blackberry syrup and vodka. Stir. add raspberry liquor. top with sparkling water. stir to combine.

Drink and feel Wonderfully melancholic.

p.s. this has a most beautiful color. would make a GREAT party drink!


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