the Gin #4

I have recently discovered Pinterest and it has taken over my life. This digital cork board has consumed me so much so that I am now in a constant state of hunger and craftiness and all i can think about are cutsie DIY projects and fish tail braids. Dear Me.

But as they say, “first world problems”.

this Gin cocktail is called “the Number Four” and i found it (wait for it!) on Pinterest.

I’m not sure why its called the Number Four. Don’t ask questions. Just keep your head down and drink.

and Merry December 10th.

Cheers and Love

M xxoo


the Gin #4:

2 oz. Gin

1 T. Honey

1 crushed Cardamom Pod

3-4 crushed black Peppercorns

crushed ice

Sparkling Water (optional)


Mix Honey and Gin. In a shaker, put Pod and Pepper and Ice-shake vigorously, serve immediately. Cut with sparkling water (if need be).


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