Major Micro Awesomeness.

My siblings are here. They are present and accounted for. It’s been awesome. We’ve karaoke’d our little hearts out. We’ve eaten, laughed, and watched embarrassing throwback movies.

So what’s left?  What do 3/4 of an “of age” family  do the days after all the holiday festivus?

Let’s play a game.

Do they:

A.) Start Washing the piles and piles of laundry in the basement, Eat leftover Christmas cookies and play extreme PingPong?

B.) Shovel the driveway, eat candy canes, slip on driveway, choke on candy canes, curse at driveway, curse at candycanes, abandon driveway, finish candycanes, lie about wounded pride?

C.) Throw away our dead tree. Vacuum up the needles, put the ornaments and garland and tinsel away. Binge on the major stash of homemade toffee?


D.) Go on one epic Micro-brewery tasting room tour?


Did you answer D.)? Good idea. I agree.

For those who don’t know what’s up, Colorado is the Napa Valley of local beers. Total Truth Town. 

O’Dells, New Belgium, and the new FunkWerks brewery were on the Fort Collins Docket. Avery and Asher and Lefthand Brewing company for the Boulder lineup.

We had it all- Belgians, ales, lagers, IPA’s, bourbon barrel stouts,

But the favorites were these:

1. Funk Werks- Saison
                        – Mon Tresor

2. O’Dells- Three Sheets Trippel
                 – Myrcenary IPA
                  – Nitro Oil Can Stout

3. New Belgium- lips of faith Old Cherry
                           – Prickly Passion Saison
                            – Abbey Ale


All so good. All so fine. So much beer. So little time.

Hope your holiday was lovely! And

      Happiest of New Years!!!!
Xxoo M

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