How to Poach an Egg (*critical info!)

Poach up your eggs. Poach em up. keep that poacher poachin…

You still there? good. that was a test. i love you for it.

Do you love oozy yolks and crunchy toast and mustard sauce? weird. Me too!

Do you love sister time and wine for breakfast and brunch with friends! Rockin.

Do you love sunshine on your food? yeah, its a cool thing we do.

Do you know how to poach eggs? Properly? in a pot of water? hard. core.

Naaaaw, not true.

It’s actually easy once you get your grove down. TO BEGIN:

fill a medium sauce pan with cold water. add 1 tsp. of white vinegar. slowly raise the heat and bring to (and keep at!) a simmer. No more, No Less. This is important. Around the Medium Low range should keep everybody happy.

With a slotted spoon, or a wooden spoon, swirl the water. Clock or counter wise, you decide. just swirl it nice and good. Break the egg in the middle of the “whirlpool”. The current from the water keeps the egg all nice and together as it cooks. It takes about 2 minutes to soft poach an egg. Carefully extract from pot using slotted spoon and put on top of toast, english muffin, latke, carrot parsnip apple cakes, spinach and ham, or just in a bowl of Chalula would do the trick nicely.

Don’t cry over broken yolk either, its not a big deal.

*one laughs and curses a lot while poaching eggs. please, ear muff the children if this is disconcerting.



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