Strawberries and Cream and Suncatchers

We have been blessed with a wonderfully sunny winter. Until two days ago.

It got cold. and it snowed. a lot. like a Ba-jillion inches. It was the heavy kind, too. and i had to shovel it. after, i was tired and sore and realized just how out of shape this ol’ gal is.

SO. i made some homemade butternut squash crab bisque (recipe soon!) baked some bread, made these:

and lamented the taste of fresh strawberries.

But this quicky dessert hit the spot. it’s light and lovely very UNLIKE snow.

To make Strawberry “ShortCakes”

12 pizzelle cookies. (you can buy any sort of waffle wafer like cookie you wish)

1 pint cream

1/2 a package of strawberries (frozen)

2 T. strawberry jam

splash of tangerine juice, or grand marnier

splash of red wine

WHip up cream with a dash of vanilla extract and sweeten to your liking using sugar OR agave. Stick in freezer to firm (about 30 minutes)

in a small sauce pot, combine frozen strawberries, jam, wine, juice, and a little water. cook on medium and stir to prevent “bubbling over”. when strawberries are soft, mush with a fork and continue to cook until the sauce is reduced to a slight thickness. take off heat and put in bowl let sit to cool.

To assemble. put one cookie on bottom, spoon frozen cream onto cookie. add syrup. (should be at room temp by now). add another cookie, dollop of cream, more strawberry. dust with sugar and drink with a simple white tea. Bliss!

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