Pink Frosting, an Ode

When I was four, I was best pals with the Firemen of Canoga Park.

We met up every Sunday. Because Sundays meant Fosters. And Fosters meant donuts. And Donuts meant pink frosting.

Little known fact-Firemen have a tenderness for pink frosting.

My family patroned the same donut shop as Station No. 4.  It was the place. And every Sunday, my friends and I would high-five, donuts in hand, while they let me try on their fire hats. I thought I was the coolest.

I realize now, as a 23 year old, that Sundays were not grandiose prearranged play dates but more like a coincidence-esque type situation involving the fact that most people eat donuts on Sundays.

But I say, what a damn fine coincidence! After all, who doesn’t love pink frosting and chocolate cake? Stupid question. That’s like asking, “Who doesn’t like firemen?” Answer: Nobody. That is truth.

This cake is an ode to the Fosters of my childhood. I try not to think about how it’s now probably been turned into a ghetto paradise or burned down. No matter, this frosting is sweet, the memories are sweeter, but the sweetest of all is the magic of cookery.

Enjoy chilluns!



Pink Frosting:

1 brick cream cheese (softened)

1 stick +2 T. butter (softened)

2 tsp. Beet powder (for color)

1 tsp. vanilla extract/or scrapings of vanilla bean

1 tsp. lemon juice

2 T. milk

4 cups powdered sugar sifted

Whip butter and cream cheese in a  kitchen aid until soft. Add vanilla and beet powder and lemon juice. slowly add sugar and milk until desired consistency is reached. Frost cakes, donuts, pancakes, or…you guessed it, a spoon.

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