Vanilla+Lavender Sugar Toast


Cinnamon Sugar Toast was my specialty when I was seven. Warm toast, thick with melted butter and  cinnamon sugar. It was a treat. One that was heavily regulated by my mother for fear her children would develop on set diabetes. Good call mom. 

I had an idea of taking toast to transcendental heights. I infused some raw sugar with vanilla bean powder, lavender flowers. The molassesy crunch of the sugar,  the floral and delicate lavender and the punch of vanilla bean? Boo ya, breakfast just got grown, y’all.

The trick is not to burn the edgesof your toast. Like I did.  Whatevs. I’m owning it.

Spread hot toast with plenty of butter. Which in this recipe, I’ll refer to as “Sugar Glue”. You get it. I know you do.

The most lovely and terribly non-nutritious breakfast you’ll have all week.


Obviously sugar infusions are endless. You could do cocoa powder and cayenne.
Cardamom and vanilla.
Rose hips.

Basically people, all we are doing is throwing spices into sugar and letting it sit for a while. That’s it. Let’s keep it simple.


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