“Boston Bound and Brave”

this is what life sometimes looks like.image

this is what my life looks like crammed into a tiny box.


this is what my “happy/grateful/love” splurges look like.

always decide to splurge.

This is Harbison (n.) a soft cow’s milk cheese wrapped in cherry bark from Vermont. It’s  a veritable “Creamy Dreamscape”. Please… get your little bread wielding paws on some.

this is what cured meat looks like

this is what it feels like to eat them together, sitting in soft spring sunshine, drinking wine with lovely people who make you laugh.  

I’ve waited my whole life to feel a part of a Chagall painting. who knew it only took a good Charcuterie to get me there.

this is what it looks like when my friends show they care

(note* my friends are awesome)

These last couple weeks have been filled with goodbyes, and handshakes, and well wishes and catchphrase. I couldn’t have asked for a better send off from the dearest people a girl could know.

Thank you all who came, drank, ate, sang that darn Augusta song on repeat,  and conquered with me. I’m “Boston Bound and Brave” people, all because of you.

All my love, (please come visit)



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