Life Slice

Hello. i am here. i am sorry.

absenteeism is never an attractive thing. I can’t believe i left you hanging for so long.

So to make up for it, here is a bushle of photos of my two weeks (already!) in the city. Image



Some factoids of fun include:

1.) i live in a Portuguese Neighborhood. I went to a Portuguese surprise party. i ate octupus stew. it was delicious.

2.) Public Transportation is crazy. in an awesomely hilarious crazy person watching kind of way.

3.) I got a library card

4.) i live down the block from a record store

5.) i am prone to bakery blackouts

6.) I can smell the sea everywhere

7.) i forgot how much i miss hearing gulls in the morning

8.) the DMV is in China town. Hot Pot and Dim Sum are ALSO in China town. i consider this a consolation prize

9.) My farmer’s market has piping hot Cider Donuts, sticky with cinnamon and sugar. they are glorious

10.) baking at sea level is SO much easier

11.) i hosted a Seder dinner at my house for passover. so much fun. so much wine. oy vay…

12.) there is a chocolate factory in my neighborhood. they hosted a beer and chocolate tasting. i think i found the promise land…

12.) everyday is an adventure, gettin better, keepin real.

13.) Boston accents are hilarious. sassy, aggressive, and absurd. Bless. It.

14.) Simon and Garfunkle are kings. i am also going to a Trampled by Turtles concert next week. yeah!

15.) this list is terribly unorganized. i apologize.

16.) i totally wish you were here



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