Summertime and the Livin’ is easy…

Right now the world is chock-a-bock full of blooming flowers, budding trees, and blog posts about springtime. Here in Boston, we made the leap straight to summer. oh lordy, this town wastes no time. It’s already 80 degrees and counting.

At least i’m new to it, so i’ve romanticized it to be this glorious, humid, buzzing, breezy thing. We’ll see how long i can ride that out…

But on the real, i love this time of year. I never thought anything would top summer as a kid;   school was done, swim team started, and we spent our days drinking out of hoses, dreaming about fireworks, and crawdad fishing. But then i experienced summer as a (kinda)grown-up; bluegrass concerts, light beers, sailing, suppers cooked out of doors, lazy records spinning, gardening, lemonade drinking, and lawn games.  True sun-soaked bliss.

Summer also means copious amounts of Mexican food. Reasons: 1.) its delicious 2.) its refreshing/spicy/delicious 3.) it is delicious cold or hot 4.) quick/cheap/delicious

(c’mon, do i really need to convince you?)

I love making Chimicurri sauce for all my Latin favorites. Traditionally, chimichurri is like a spicy parsley pesto. But i like to make mine with half cilantro and half parsley. You also add a ton of garlic, chilis, and lime. AY YAY YAY!!! so good.

I put it on everything- eggs, hashbrowns, tacos, sandwiches, fresh salads, crackers, mangoes, tuna, what have you! This sauce is terribly versatile. Like Catherine Zeta Jones. It is timeless, like Otis Redding. It is nostalgic, like the kids in the Sandlot. or something.

It also keeps this electric green color, which is exciting. Because it makes your feel like you’re eating a little bit of danger, a little bit of mystery, and a whole metric ton of awesome.  Like that one “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” episode where the restaurant serves of the green soup made from people’s Terror. #goosebumpscrazy


Happy Summer Lovin’ y’all! here are some pics from my days…


On the books for this month here @ the Jolly Appetite: specialty S’mores, delicious cocktails, a little feature i’m calling “Farmer’s Market Feast” where i make a whole meal from what i get on Saturdays. (this last week i made an ENTIRELY LOCAL clam linguine. it was soooo good).


4 thoughts on “Summertime and the Livin’ is easy…

  1. yummmm, If you find this sauce missing from your fridge, it was me. Also, fun fact: Neve Campbell was in that are you afraid of the dark epi.

    Thanks for coming to visit me for lunch on most of your days off, and bearing with me when I reject North End restaurants. Let’s go crawdad fishing.

    • there is plenty 🙂 and yes. do we have crawdads here? if so, i’m a totally boss fisherlady. let’s do it!

  2. Podrías compartir la receta del chimichurri por favor?! It looks so good! How did we not make this together? This must be remedied, stat.

    • lo siento hermana!

      needed for approx. 1 pint chimichurri

      1 bunch cilantro
      1 bunch parsley
      3-4 cloves garlic
      red chili flakes (to taste)
      olive oil
      juice of 1/2 a lime

      in a blender or food processor, add garlic. pulse a few seconds. add herbs and pulse. slowly add oil in a steady stream. combine salt, pepper and chili flakes to taste. finish off with lime juice. congratulations. you just made chimichurri sauce.

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