Breakfast Bowl


I like you.

For lots of reasons.

i like you cause we talk about things.

we talk about rain. and the smell of old books. and creamy cups of tea.

we talk about poets and singers and our favorite kind of laundry soap.

but also, you and me, we agree on things.

I like that we agree freesias  and peonies blossoms are best.

or that caramel really can go on anything. no questions asked. no holds bar. no judgement.

also, crying alone while watching Little Women is healthy. and totally necessary

i get it. you get it. we’re awesome.

that’s why we eat breakfast for dinner.

whyyy???? because. we said so.

i like to create breakfast skillets based off what i have in my fridge.

so here’s what i had

1 slice of bacon

1 small onion

1 bushel of Kale

1 egg

2 yellow potatoes

rosemary/pepper/pink salt/ garlic/olive oil

chipotle salsa

goat cheese.

(don’t even act like you’re not excited)

preheat oven to 400 degrees. slice potatoes in wedges. drizzle in glugs of olive oil, pepper, salt, rosemary, and garlic.

begin roasting.

heat a skillet on medium, deposit diced bacon and cook just before crisp. If you’re a veggie, i suggest subbing tempeh and toasting it a bit.  Slice onion and add to pan. carmelize on med-low and add dash of pepper.


flip potatoes. make sure all sides get roasty. return to oven

(meanwhile on the range) add the kale and (if needed) a bit of water to the pan. cook down the onion, kale, bacon mixture until doneness. put in bowl. set aside.

by now the potatoes should be nearly done! great job!

heat the skillet up again. cook an egg. i like mine over easy. so that usually means a minute on either side depending on the heat of the pan. a cooked egg makes a lot of “noise”. happy, burping, eggy noise.

sorry for that last image…

Time to combine!

I have a wide porcelain bowl with charming yellow country details. it’s a favorite. i bought it from the arc for 50 cents. total pride moment.

i layer my bowl with potatoes, kale, then top off with the egg, goat cheese, and give the whole thing a good smothering of hot sauce. or for you more conservative types (no shame), you can puddle your salsa in a corner and go from there.

all options are viable, people. Therein lies the beauty.

happy “Night-Breaking”. (is that a thing?)

best part? you can drink beer with breakfast.

observe the Harpoon 100 barrel series hovering in the background.

oh sweet hammer of Thor, Batman…it was that good.


xxoo M

 grendel’s den in Harvard Squareshosh wearing her infant sized birthday present from myself. it’s a “money bags” costume.

fresh cider donut from the farmers market.looking up

falafel palacehomemade breadstick adventure!homebrew came in the mail 🙂cousin time.somerville museum. dusk on the charlesboston public librarya blossom fell

One thought on “Breakfast Bowl

  1. When I’m frying eggs, I smoosh them with a spatula and imagine I am vanquishing demons (based on the sound that they make…and also my overactive imagination). Breakfast for dinner is a wonderful thing. Falafel adventure soon!

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