a Study of Spring Tarts and Risk Taking

Sometimes, when wrestling with my brain, I lose.

My brain is a classically conditioned non- Risk taker. My brain HATES risks. So decision making is usually a Battle Royale:  My brain throws everything at me. Pros and Cons Lists, insecurities, doomsday prophecies, a whole string of fears, the works. Brain is quite the fighter and always rationalizes that the “devil I know is better than the devil I don’t”. 

But sometimes, before i throw in the towel and agree with Ol’ Brain,  in swoops Heart to save me. Heart is kinda bad-ass. It busts in on Brain beating me up and flexes its muscle and in a kind voice says, “Beat it pal, i got this.” Heart knows things, i guess. I call them “Heart Secrets”. I also know their power is real. It’s like an anchor in the pit my stomach. Heart slams it down and gives me the “go ahead” to do something drastic, risky, possibly even rash, because deep down Heart knows it’s right. My heart is the bomb. I just want Brain to get on board.

I baked up this little tart to treatise both camps. I think it worked. This Galette has caramelized onions, cranberries, pears, bleu cheese, and toasted hazelnuts all up in its business. It really is a marvelous combination.

After devouring several slices of this savory galette and a couple cups of creamy tea I had the strength, courage,  pastry coma, AND positive attitude to move towards bigger and better things. Brain and Heart behind me all the way. That’s a good feeling.

So what now? on this unseeable horizon?

GAAHHH!!! life questions…

I don’t really know.

what i DO know is that I want the work i do to be good and inspire goodness.  I’m starting there.

Missing and loving you all who read this. How very special you are. Please make this and eat it and know i wish i could join you.




Here’s a life slice

CUPCAKE CAMP! fundraiser benefitting Lovin’ Spoonfuls

Flea market find


Writing Goals are good. Writing Goals silly-ly is better

Sangria #ladydate

Homemade strawberry ice cream? mmmm..ok!

Beautiful Earthfest @the Esplanade

Henry the 8yr old. Virtuoso@ Porchfest

Mike Landings @Porchfest

moss graffiti

One thought on “a Study of Spring Tarts and Risk Taking

  1. I love your writing, it makes me smile and I would love to try your Galette. I did not know what that was and had to look it up. I learned it is similar to a Chinese Bing! Not quite sure what that was either, but it looks delicious. I also did not know that Cupcake camp was a benefit for the Lovin Spoonfuls – I am a big John Sebastian fan. ☺

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