Morning Metallic


Sometimes, a girls just gotta spend her Sunday morning painting her nails, watching Flight of the Conchords, and drinking smoked chickory coffee. Then after that, sometimes a girls got enough sass to hit the town solo. Fierce and Fabulous. Just sometimes Xxoo




Sometimes a girl.orders a sandwich with crispy shallots. Outrageous good.



Sometimes a girl takes sleuth like photos on the train of the shy gentleman with silk flowers.


And of herself ūüôā

Tomato Salad+Heirloom Carrots

I have been living a series of “firsts”. Its rather exciting. This is my first humid summer, my first season of daily markets, my first trip to the Cape. I’m loving it.

This whole “Humid summer” thing is particularly sticking with me. Literally.¬†Cold showers be praised! Oh boy, do I appreciate air-conditioned public transportation. Especially since all i’ve been rocking is a small and slightly unpredictable desk fan from the 1950’s and frozen washcloths. #classic

But the plus side is that I am starting my summer novel rotation. Stories of the south, and iced tea, and fireflies, and creole magic. sigh… love it. One must read seasonally just as one eats seasonally (or so i’m convinced)

It’s too hot to cook anything. In fact, i lament making my coffee in the morning. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do #firstworldproblems

I have transitioned into the “summertime luncheons” phase of the year. Days made up of cold salads, iced aperitifs, and fresh mild cheeses. Throw in a couple slices of baguette and you’re set for life. Seriously.

xxoo M

happy summering



Heirloom Carrot Salad:

1 bunch carrots peeled and cropped

small handful of parsley (or mint or tarragon OR all three)



sprinkle (approx 2 tsp.) apple cider vinegar

a good glug of Olive Oil

(Combine everything in a bowl and let sit in the fridge or at room temp.)


Tomato Salad:

3 small tomatoes

small handful of Basil (chopped)

1 good glub olive oil


(Cut tomato in wedges, sprinkle with pepper, basil and olive oil. Serve alongside mozzarella with garlic and bread)


Strawberry Ice Cream


Does everyone know about the YouTube police??? oh yeah. this is a real thing now. Am i late to this universal cultural understanding? i had no idea. Oh boy but are they real…and fast

they catched me good.


I made a video of my strawberry ice cream adventure. but apparently, since I set it to the stylings of a notable french pop artist, it is now banned in 237 countries  #firstworldproblems #AmIthenewBanksy??

So instead you guys have to read about it. Like humans. ¬†Sorry about that…

This week i got an ice cream maker!

A very nice auntie gave me a gift card to a place where i could buy an ice cream maker. That is the only reason i now own an ice cream maker. But lemme tell ya…I consider it an investment. A business expense at the VERY least. in fact, i plan on writing it off my taxes.¬†#lawless

its totally worth it.

I also went strawberry picking. That was equally wonderful. Thus the inspiration for this Ice Cream mumbo-jumbo.


just look at them… *sigh, perfect.

I combined two recipes i kinda liked to create one recipe i MAJOR love. This the kind of math i can get behind.

Strawberry Ice Cream:

1 Qt. strawberries, rinsed, hulled and diced

1 c. milk

2 c. cream

pinch of salt

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 c. sugar

3 eggs

Whisk eggs and sugar and vanilla until creamy. set aside

In a saucepan over medium heat, warm the milk until just below the boiling point. (you’ll see some steam rise from it and tiny bubbles. that is a good indication to STOP!) take off the heat

spoon some milk into the egg bowl (this is called “tempering” so you don’t end up with scrambles) slowly add all the milk to the egg. give it a good whisk. return it to the pan and over medium low heat, cook until the custard thickens. It should coat the back of a spoon. take off heat. stir in salt and cream and strawberries.

Chill in fridge until completely cooled.

Then add to ice cream maker as per manufacturers instructions OR if you don’t own an ice cream maker yet because you believe in “reasonable” purchases, simply pour into a 9×13 glass dish and pop it in your freezer. For this method, you need to whisk your ice cream every 15 minutes until “set”. It can be done! we have the technology.Image

How’s everyone’s summer? Hot from what i hear. This recipe is perfect, i guarantee it. #ShaneGuy





ImageI got a new job working with an [awesome!] team of locavore “gypsy chefs”.¬†One of the perks is that I get to bring home locally-sourced-farm-foodie-food.

In this particular case, 5 gallons of it. 

Have you ever inherited a 5 gallon bucket of Wheatberry pilaf? Ever eaten it for days and days until it starts coming out your ears?

What do you do with leftovers? Do you give it to roommates? give it to your neighbors? To your landlords? To a homeless man? To unsuspecting house guests? Put it out on the table at every meal like matzoh? divide it up and freeze it? Donate it to a shelter? throw it at cars? spackle up a tub wall?

yeesh, i  did approximately 90% of these things.  and i STILL have leftovers.

I say this–cover it in a pan, sear it golden, and then smother the heck out of it in hot sauce.


What, you need more “technical” words…ok..

I roasted a potato (because i had an extra)

i sautéed a green pepper with some shallots and cilantro in a pan. 

i added the Wheatberries (n.) an excellent rice alternative. a hearty grain with a weighty mouth feel.

then i threw in several handfuls of crisp green chard from my farm share. it all cooked down together  and i was left with a heart healthy medley of flavor. 


i spread it on a tortilla, with some cheese (obvi) and more lettuce and crunched into it.

Wheatberry burritos are the next “thing”. I feel it. ¬†

Just add an egg and you’ve got breakfast. add some bean dip, slice into pinwheels, you’ve got appetizers. Put some sliced avocado and stuff it in a pepper, i say you’ve got a winner.¬†

Either way, this resourcefulness proved delicious and my housemates were good sports to eat it. Also, to the folks @ the Kitchen who made it all fo’ free. you guys are swell.


Till next time chikadees!

*spoiler alert: i’m going strawberry picking tomorrow!¬†