ImageI got a new job working with an [awesome!] team of locavore “gypsy chefs”. One of the perks is that I get to bring home locally-sourced-farm-foodie-food.

In this particular case, 5 gallons of it. 

Have you ever inherited a 5 gallon bucket of Wheatberry pilaf? Ever eaten it for days and days until it starts coming out your ears?

What do you do with leftovers? Do you give it to roommates? give it to your neighbors? To your landlords? To a homeless man? To unsuspecting house guests? Put it out on the table at every meal like matzoh? divide it up and freeze it? Donate it to a shelter? throw it at cars? spackle up a tub wall?

yeesh, i  did approximately 90% of these things.  and i STILL have leftovers.

I say this–cover it in a pan, sear it golden, and then smother the heck out of it in hot sauce.


What, you need more “technical” words…ok..

I roasted a potato (because i had an extra)

i sautéed a green pepper with some shallots and cilantro in a pan. 

i added the Wheatberries (n.) an excellent rice alternative. a hearty grain with a weighty mouth feel.

then i threw in several handfuls of crisp green chard from my farm share. it all cooked down together  and i was left with a heart healthy medley of flavor. 


i spread it on a tortilla, with some cheese (obvi) and more lettuce and crunched into it.

Wheatberry burritos are the next “thing”. I feel it.  

Just add an egg and you’ve got breakfast. add some bean dip, slice into pinwheels, you’ve got appetizers. Put some sliced avocado and stuff it in a pepper, i say you’ve got a winner. 

Either way, this resourcefulness proved delicious and my housemates were good sports to eat it. Also, to the folks @ the Kitchen who made it all fo’ free. you guys are swell.


Till next time chikadees!

*spoiler alert: i’m going strawberry picking tomorrow! 




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