Dumpling Sauce+Sucking Wind on the High Road

“Are you a Giver or a Taker?”

This is the question i asked myself today as I ran. I run slow enough where i can think about things like this.  Let’s be clear, sometimes i think,  “oh god..i’m gonna die!”, too.  I guess in the end, its a crap shoot. But today was a meditative one.

I wondered about all the kinds of people there are– in my city, in my neighborhood. I thought about these people as I passed them on the street, at the dog park, sitting in cafe windows: boys sitting on their porches strumming guitars, little girls swinging, an old man pruning his rose bush…

All these people live in their worlds that revolve and evolve around them, as i have my own. And i suppose, it is natural for us to make our selves the center of our thought.

But I think this is a danger. The danger of becoming singular in one’s own perspective. That is, taking every and all things that come one’s way because one feels entitled and believing it.

Be it friendships, books, a piece of gum. Sometimes, we forget how to be kind to others and give them our patience and love.

I hope to be a Giver. not a Taker.


A Giver does more than bake cookies, share hilarious YouTube videos, and send birthday cards. These are great and wonderful things to do. No doubt. But I’m talkin’ Hard Stuff: Like how a Giver listens, even when they’re tired. And helps a friend move, even though moving is the worst. A Giver is gracious, and thankful. A Giver tries to understand. A Giver values other’s time as well as their own. A Giver lets the world in all its beauty and flaw flow through them, live within them. And a Giver releases their own light, through a smile. or a sigh. or a compliment.

Givers aren’t perfect. or pious. or pretentious. or what-not. I just think that Givers give a damn. And try their best to show it.

That’s the type of person a girl can aspire to be, right?

My mother gave me choice advice a long time ago. A piece of which was this, “When in doubt, speak your truth”.

I think it all ties in somehow. Givers. Truth. Running. Dumpling Sauce.

We all feelin good? How about some dumplings? Give yourself a break and buy them frozen  from the Korean market down the street. Go ahead. Do it. We don’t have to prove anything. This sauce will do the rest.

Dumpling Sauce:

splash Rice Wine vinegar

1/4 c. Sweet chili Sauce

few drops Seasame oil

1 clove crushed garlic

pepper, to taste

dash of soy

scallion tops, for garnish


mix all these ingredients together and dunk some frozen dumplings all up in it. It’s a great way to class up an appetizer for a cocktail party using store bought dumplings. Or you can use over steamed broccoli, or carrots. OR dunk some edamame.


Love to you



p.s. CAN we please talk about Wasabi Peas????

#stop #obsessed


Here are somethings that Give me Joy.  I’ve spotted  Olympians, sad clowns, green-thumbed teens,  popsicle lovers,  Firemen, and my new best friend named Henry. He’s three.

Keep on Livin’ right.

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