Knit to the 10th

The longest relationship i’ve ever had has been with a scarf i’ve been knitting since i was 14.

That means this creature:


has moved with me from all the homes in all the towns i’ve ever lived; through 10 years of my angsty, triumphant life. And the poor thing saw it all from the belly of my sock drawer. (Not so glamorous.)

This winter, i’m compelled to be a dwelling hobbyist. Mostly because it is too dark and cold in the world to do anything else. (please don’t suggest “night running”. We all know that’s not a thing)

“Now is the time to give my full attention to my long neglected friend,” (i said to 6 days ago…)

And after six days, something extraordinary happened- i developed a love for knitting. a true, deep, effectual love.

Having been a lackluster knitter for the majority of my life, I always found it difficult to focus my hands. I’d get bored easily. I would rather read or cook or waste time some other juvenile way.

But this time round, I daydream of little bright ovens and yam colored cowls. I listen to the circle static of my records and sip cream tea while resting between rows. This season is turning out to be a wonder. My first New England December and all is calm and bright, helped along by a world of lit evergreen and christmas lamps.

I’ll share with you the whole thing once it’s done. I think you’ll enjoy it.  It is a terribly unflattering shade of jade-green that was shamelessly and very enthusiastically chosen by my 14 yr. old self. But that is what i love about this long woven beast. It’s not perfect…but it’s mine.

What projects are you working on this winter? also, if anyone has knitting advice for an enthused novice, do share!

I wish you a happy wintering, darlings, and no dropped stitches




p.s. Next Week Post- FOOD! how about a recipe for pork mole? or beet tzatziki?  

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