Cornbread+Poached Egg+Avocado

 Eggs are intolerable without toast.

You can never just EAT an EGG? right? ew. no. It ‘s so slippery.  

And how would you sop up the yolk? with your hands? what are we Barbarians?!

No, stop this. I need a yolk sponge for my eggs and if i come stay with you and you offer eggs but then also tell me your are “watching carbs” right now so you don’t have bread but you can make some awesome fruit salad on the side…. Well, go ahead and embrace my eye roll. 

Fruit salad and eggs are NOT how you eat eggs. I think that is the 12th law of physics. #prettysure 

Here’s how you make an egg worthy of your day. 


poach it. toast it. hot sauce it. 

I used a piece of this cornbread. toasted on the griddle with a bit of butter.

melted a thin slice of sharp cheddar on top. 

added slices of avocado that had been 

sprinkled sea salt+lemon juice

top with a poached egg and a dose of hot sauce. 


Thus concludes our lesson.




2 thoughts on “Cornbread+Poached Egg+Avocado

  1. Somehow even at this late hour of the morning I have not managed to eat breakfast and your post is making me huuuungry… Your poached egg is just beautiful; what method do you use? I think my eggs (poached in a pot of only-just simmering water, broken into a ramekin and gently slipped in) are tasty, but usually not gorgeous.

    • Oh no! this is an Eggmergency. In a little pot i bring water to a low low simmer. + 1 tsp vinegar +pinch of salt. Then i take a spoon and swirl the water to get a current. I break the egg in the center of the “whirlpool”. The momentum of the water keeps the egg together while it cooks. sometimes i nudge the egg with my slotted spoon to prevent it from sticking to the bottom. It only takes a hot minute and then you’re done!

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