Brussels Sprouts+Manchego


This song. THIS. SONG.

It’s my new anthem, you guys. It makes me wish i had cool vintage denim cut offs and bolo ties and a 1972 Cobra convertible. It makes me wish i was the type of person who could pull off green gator boots…  GAH! how i wish…

Who knows, i still have most of 2013. Stranger things have happened.  Maybe next time you see me, i’ll be strutting like a boss. Cause everyone knows thats what happens when you wear gator shoes. Also i gotta learn the “hair flip”. I feel like that is a necessary skill.


Wanna know what i can pull off? Brussels Sprouts. Image

salty/roasty/green niblets.

Winning Brussels Sprouts:

1-2 lbs. brussels sprouts (rinsed and halved)

2 glugs of good olive oil



1/2 c. Manchego cheese (you could use any hard salty cheese. Like parmesan or romano)

Crank oven to 400 degrees

On a cookie sheet, spread the sprouts in a single layer

Coat in Olive Oil. Use you hands and make sure it is evenly distributed

sprinkle with salt and pepper

Roast for 15 mins. until softened and just beginning to brown. Flip the sprouts. and sprinkle with 1/4 c. cheese. Return to the oven until golden brown. Finish with the remaining cheese. Eat and don’t look back.



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