Morning Letters

I wish we said “Post” here in America instead of “Mail”. “Post” is So charming, no?

what else is charming, is change. I made some changes the my Blog!

New year, New vision. That’s what i say.

i hope your January’s are all well (though nearly over)! it’s been unseasonably warm and wonderful here.

sunshine through the window. coffee in a Press. Letters to read over breakfast.

I’m a Happy Clam!




Equinox by Edwin Morgan

i just found this today, the poem “Equinox” by Edwin Morgan.

Edwin Morgan was a scot. Born April, 1920 and died in August of last year. He was the first Glasgow Poet Laureate and was named a Scottish National Poet 2004. A true treasure, i hope you enjoy.


The petals of the sun are edged

with purple death and dying rust;

Let us go walking through this spring

before the planet falls to dust.

Dear children, bring me other blooms

too lovely for analysis:

I have felt the sparrow’s fall

the dark disintegrating kiss.

I built my systems out of rain,

Feeling nowise limited;

Slept on the bosom of the moon.

Alas! My audience is dead!

The gardens have a dying smell,

The sea has lost its muscled sweep

And no god walks the hills to tell

Whether to wake or sleep

Need, Plan, Practicality: a survivors guide

    1. Need

i.     Before presenting a policy, you must establish that a current problem exists and relates to your audience

  1. (zombies! We’re gonna die!)

ii.     Explain the problem

iii.     How it effects the population

iv.     Dangers if not fixed

  1. I should not have to explain why a zombie apocalypse is the WORST possible situation to be in. they are unstoppable. They are hungry. And contrary to popular belief, I believe zombies cloak themselves in handsomeness. They don’t look like Sophia Loren. They look like Alec Baldwin in a tailored suit. Phenomenal.
  2. Plan

i.     This is the hardest part. Everyone has a friggin’ opinion:

  1. “We should stand and fight!”
  2. “We should run and hide!”
  3. “We should make-out!”

ii.     A plan should solve the problem with logic. And finesse.

  1. Explain your plan
    1. We should build a bunker and kidnap a scientist so he can mutate our genes so that we might become immune to zombie venom
    2. State who shall enforce this plan
      1. The prettiest person in the room will be in charge. Just to switch it up
    3. Discuss funding
      1. Magazine drive
  2. Practicality

i.     Cure

  1. Will this plan absolve us of a zombie problem entirely?

ii.     Advantages vs. Disadvantages

  1. What is worse? living underground eating nothing but corn chips in the hopes of survival? Or being gang banged by a group of hungry zombies

iii.     Counterarguments

  1. You might say guns are the answer to fighting off a zombie attack, but try finding a responsible medic under times of duress should you misfire on your own face.  You can’t.
  2. Problem-Solution

i.     Zombies: Anti-Zombie Venom

  1. Problem-Cause-Solution

i.     Zombies: Global Warming: anti-Zombie Venom

  1. As always, speeches need a Intro, Body and Conclusion

i.     Best of luck, survivors…

Pearls are Spit.

A most wonderful pleasure is finding something precious within something mundane. Like a Pearl.

DID YOU KNOW THAT a pearl is just a hard rock of spit from a mollusk? poetic, i know. But it’s true. They’re just hawked-up loogies with a lustre. gross.

And yet, Pearls are beautiful. They are elegant. refined. poised. And still a little gritty when you rub them against your teeth to check for authenticity.(more on this later). The point–if i may–is that all darling things come from the spit glands of shellfish. Metaphorically speaking. My lesson is learning to embrace it.